December 26, 2017

Ayahuasca Retreat Peru, What you know about Ayahuasca?

The eternal question with an ever-evolving answer. Here is as much as I understand it as of May 12, 2009. Ayahuasca, in its physical form, is a medicinal plant mixture cooked, strained, and drank in sacred ceremony by shamans in the Amazon basin rainforest for thousands, possibly tens of thousands of years. One can find all kinds of research explaining the long-term benefits of working with the brew, including a permanent increase in seratonin levels (leading to more happy, fulfilling lives), release of various physical ailments (some considered incurable in Western medicine), and release of psychological and mental-related illnesses (such as schizophrenia). Spiritually, this plant is in its own Universe, beyond comprehension levels of most and limited by mere language. Ayahuasca Retreat Peru

The only thing that separates us from the Spirit World is our bodies. That's what gives our spirits voices, opposable thumbs, and the ability to take thought and turn it into physical action. The body is the vessel that we channel everything through in order to allow us to have this human experience. The Spirit World is not "better" than the physical. Many spirits choose to come back into bodies purely to experience the full gamut of being human...the voice, the touch, the taste, the joy, the sex, the suffering, the soul-satisfaction when one helps another get closer to their true spirit selves. The whole thing is like a big initiation...we are dropped in, memories erased, with a few tools to help us navigate this foreign land. For some, the environment nurtured the navigation tools, such as instincts (gut feelings, strong internal desires, creative ideas, psychic abilities, etc) and those doors remained open. For others, the environment fed into the dense, dark energies of fear and doubt, revering intellect and logic as the highest form of understanding, while putting spiritual skepticism on a pedestal (mostly self-created due to manipulation by religious organizations) and the true medicine of the earth (plants) into a fru-fru "new age" category for vegan hippies. For these folks, the challenge of uncovering the unknown blind spot is even more difficult. Ayahuasca Retreat Peru

What is not so obvious to most of us is the way the body creates our physical experience, our own world through our eyes. The more dense, heavy energies and entities we knowingly or unknowingly allow inside, the more those energies call the shots in our world. It's tricky, because these energies use our own thoughts and our own voice to speak. How often have you "lost it" in anger, watching words fly out of your mouth specifically to hurt the ones you love the most? The feeling of guilt, fear of losing them, and sadness after you release what you have done can be unbearable. That is a perfect example of an energy or entity of rage taking over your body, using your voice, and leaving you to clean up the mess. This doesn't mean the person is not responsible for doing what they can to purge and manage these energies, but most people are inherently Light, so anything that's not shining love is something to be purged.


Most of us walk around every day, thinking we are the ones running our lives. But like the anger entity, there are tons and tons of energy patterns, crossed energies and spirits literally along for the ride, hidden inside like internal luggage. Pay attention in your day to what thoughts, ideas, spoken words, and actions within are Light, and which are dark. It is very easy to tell. Confusion, doubt, fear, anger, jealousy, addictions, ego, stress, etc: dark. Clarity, trust, courage, happiness, compassion, freedom, humble strength, balanced flow, etc: Light. If you are reading this, you are Light (because something internal has drawn you to the medicine). And you have a desire to be Lighter, most likely back to your purest self, your True Self (or Higher Self). If you're not blissfully happy, living on life purpose, and flowing in your natural rhythm, there is still more for you to come. Don't let ego tell you since you've done years of spiritual work already, you're done. All that spiritual work may have been preparing you for this for all you know, if you are feeling the draw. This is the big prize at the end (as well as a whole other beginning). Don't let spiritual arrogance block you from the fruits of your labor. You simply don't know what kind of life you are missing (uninformed by the medicine standards) since the baseline to the human happiness level is light years under par. Everything you believe in your heart and soul to be possible, within yourself and the Universe, is real. But it takes all that work to prepare to see it. When you are ready, willing, and truly desiring, enter the world you always knew was there, and watch your physical life morph around it.  Ayahuasca Retreat Peru

The purge is what makes the Ayahuasca unique. That's why it works so fast. Because it is physically pulling this stuff out of your body. You can do all the energy and spiritual work you want, but until these dark entities physically leave the body, you are still walking around struggling against them. You may have gotten a pretty good handle on them, but it's so normal you don't know how much energy would be freed up if they weren't there. Certain types can be released without a medicinal purge, but not all. Entities and energies are hidden all over the body. For Westerners, the vast majority are in the mind. The medicine basically takes apart your brain and puts it back together, the way it came in when it was new. This is why some call it the Vine of Death/ get to reboot the physical body, pure, but this time as an adult. People simply don't know what they are missing out of life, because so few people in the West had access to, and have actually been able to delve into to this "secret doorway". Luckily, the shift is here. Relief is here. People who want to get back to real life, in the way they always knew in their souls existed, welcome home. We don't have to wait until we die to get there. Ayahuasca Retreat Peru

March 22, 2016

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