July 29, 2015

Fading Fireflies - Best Novel on Amazon - free download

This is a story about love in the most true sense of the word. A twelve-year-old girl falls in love with her woodworking mentor. Her mother’s abandonment and her father’s dark deeds don’t seem to tint her? not one bit. best novel

July 27, 2015

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July 21, 2015

Indian Karaoke

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March 28, 2015

Mango Chutney

If there’s one seasoner that pairs itself virtually universally well with food of a spicy disposition it's to be mango Chutney. The devilishly-difficult-to-rival flavour of superior mango Chutney manages to behave genially with similar ingredients, in spite of however slight their shared characteristics could also be. There is additionally a component of experimental fun to the preparation of any Chutney, mango or otherwise. You see, this specific Chutney direction is predicated upon my very own preferences and fancies; yours needn’t be entirely a similar. Indeed, the sole ingredients very important to the success of this direction ar the mangoes, vinegar and sugar – all else will, however shouldn’t, be steer clear off. Though, i'd extremely suggest the utilization of black onion seeds since they invariably manage to require mango Chutney to future level, or perhaps the one then, where which will be. Those among you UN agency don’t suffer from exhausting visual problems or absurdly frequent bouts of harmful blackout can notice that my pricey very little house on the net has undergone yet one more amendment. Those of you UN agency do have issues relating the on top of mentioned colleges of the chassis ought to entirely ignore my vitriolic comments; it clearly (or rather unclearly) isn't your fault. Mango Chutney direction Anyway, extremely|i actually} should describe to you only however marvelous this Chutney really is. It doesn’t pussy foot around flavour like those one may purchase at one’s native supermarket; it extremely adds one thing special to a dish. No longer can mango Chutney be spooned during a} depreciatory manner onto the very fringe of one’s plate. Happily, it's very straightforward to breed and needs solely a small indefinite amount of designing. If you ever thought that you just may wish to create one in every of my recipes this actually is that the one to settle on, if solely due to the actual fact you needn’t follow the direction in the least – however handily ironic. Mango Chutney direction Mango Chutney Fills one 500ml pot Ingredients: • 2 large, fairly ripe mangoes • one shredded apple, any selection can do (I used a braeburn) • A thumb-sized piece of ginger, finely shredded • a pair of cloves of garlic, finely shredded • 300ml wine vinegar • 260g of castor sugar • one tsp black onion seeds • alittle sherd of cinnamon bark • one tsp turmeric • one tsp chilly flakes • ½ tsp chilly powder • A pinch of salt Method: 1. The night before you would like to create the Chutney it's necessary to peel one’s mangoes, cube them and sprinkle them with salt. This attracts out a number of their wet and softens them. check that to rinse before use! Mango Chutney direction 2. Tip the apple, ginger, garlic, vinegar, sugar, onion seeds, cinnamon, turmeric, chilly flakes and chilly powder into a pan. Heat till the sugar has dissolved. Add the mango and convey to a delicate simmer. Mango Chutney direction 3. Simmer the Chutney for 30-40 minutes till it's achieved a thick, sticky consistency. Season to style. whereas looking ahead to the magic to happen one ought to sterilize one’s vessel to make sure the Chutney stays sensible for a minimum of some of weeks. Once the Chutney is finished transfer it to the jar and permit to chill before applying the lid. permitting the Chutney to mature for some of days can solely increase the pleasure it offers your mouth. Mango Chutney direction Cost: The leading complete of mango Chutney in Britain sells for roughly £2 per jar, although the jar is smaller than mine. Thankfully, mangoes Pine Tree Stateasure} all-time low at the instant that permits me to create this huge jar for £2.50. although the cost/g is just to a small degree higher, the standard of homespun Chutney way outstrips that that is mass-marketed. Enjoy

July 3, 2014

gtv - Gazi TV

 Gazi TV live watching for world cup 2014, frequency, symbol rate, position and address of

Gazi TV.

July 2, 2014


 Bangabandhu life is full of struggle to have an independence country "Bangladesh". Many times West Pakistan government and Army dictator arrested him for his voice against discrimination to Bangladesh people. read biography of Bangabandhu

July 1, 2014

Shakib Al Hasan

 Shakib Al Hasan is the best cricketer of Bangladesh and world number one all rounder. Shakib Al Hasan married American citizen Umme Ahmed Shishir. see photo of shakib al hasan and his wife

Shakib Al Hasan

September 15, 2013

BSF orders fresh trial of Felani murder

The highest authorities of the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) have rejected acquittal of a BSF constable of Felani murder charges and ordered a fresh trial. The development follows a weeklong outcry by the people and the media at home and abroad expressing their disapproval to the verdict that cleared the lone accused BSF man of the charges. A special court in the Indian state of West Bengal last week acquitted the BSF constable of murdering Felani Khatun on the border in January 2011. The court said Amiya Ghosh was not guilty of shooting the Bangladeshi girl when she crossed the barbed-wire fence into Bangladesh from India. On returning from Delhi and on her way home, Felani, 15, was crossing the border illegally and was shot as her clothes got stuck in the barbed-wire fence on January 7, 2011. The photo of her body hanging at the top of the fence triggered a huge outcry around the globe. However, this was the first time a BSF jawan had been put on trial for such a killing. A five-man BSF General Security Forces court headed by its Assam-Meghalaya frontier DIG (Communication) SP Trivedi conducted the hearings at Sonari BSF camp near Cooch Behar from August 13.

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